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Why Do We Hate Aging?

09-27-2020From the Parish Administrator’s DeskRev. Victor C. Yakubu

When I was young, my grandfather was fond of me. Over time, I got to love him and craved being around him. All we did was talk frivolously and laugh. He would tell me baby stories to keep me happy. And before you ask about my grandmother, she was a bundle of joy as well. She died some years ago at 90. My grandfather has since died at the age of 100.

As our bonding period progressed, I used to ask why he was not as fast enough as I was. He would tell me it was due to his age. I would run away from him and expect him to catch me, but he could not. Later, on as I began to grow older, I started to seek my independence away from him. He would call me, but I would hide. He would send me to do something for him; I would promise to do it but I would not. He would run after me, yet I always ran faster than him and hid. One day, he told me, “When you grow older, you will understand how old people feel about their grandchildren not listening to them.” Now I understand.


Is God Practical to Us?

09-20-2020Weekly ReflectionRev. Victor C. Yakubu

When you consider what teachers go through in class, you will appreciate them for who they are. They teach, listen, and they are patient. A few times in their teaching career, they feel like they are in the wrong profession when they meet annoying students and nasty behaviors. Some students can grasp a lesson quickly; others succeed by constant repetition. While some students merit the A grade not so with many unlucky ones.

Every teacher is key to a student’s learning. It is the responsibility of the student to develop learning techniques independently and assimilate those hard theories. It is the desire of every teacher to graduate high performing students and to be proud of them. So that is the reward for teaching but sadly, not every student gets to the top.


Pray for Forgiveness from Above

09-06-2020From the Parish Administrator’s DeskRev. Victor C. Yakubu

Freewill is an important gift from God necessary for human existence. Imagine humans without the ability to choose or without the ability to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong: it will be prefab living. God graciously bestows the gift of choice on humans to enable them to make excellent decisions to live happily. If we make a poor choice, we own up to it and become responsible for our wrong choices.