Eucharistic Adoration

The value of an hour spent before the Blessed Sacrament is beyond all that we can imagine. This time that you spend with Jesus is more precious than any other time.

NOTE: The Chapel will be closed for weekly maintenance on Wednesdays 9:00-11:00am.

Eucharistic Adoration & Exposition Explained

Question Adoration Exposition
What is it? Adoration is any time spent in prayer before Jesus Christ truly present in the Eucharist. The Blessed Sacrament needs not be exposed to view. Exposition is the ritual, liturgical act of public worship during which Jesus, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, is displayed for viewing and veneration in a monstrance or ciborium. It further extends the worship given to God at Mass.
What is it for? Private Devotion, strengthening one’s personal connection to Jesus in the Eucharist. Public Worship, extending the worship given to God in the Mass throughout the day.
Who is it for? Adoration is for any of the faithful who desire to honor the real presence of the Lord in the Eucharist by spending time in private devotion where the Blessed Sacrament is reposed. This time can be spent alone or with others and is typically a very fruitful spiritual practice. Exposition is for the whole Christian community and the world. It publicly declares our belief in the presence of God in the Eucharist. It should thus happen when a number of the faithful are able to gather and is to be led by a member of the clergy, or in their absence a delegated lay person.
When does it happen? Anytime a member of the faithful visits a place of repose for the Blessed Sacrament. Exposition occurs at fixed hours when two or more members of the faithful will be present. In chapels with extended exposition Jesus should only be exposed and reposed a maximum of 2 times daily; typically once before and once after the Mass.