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Diocese of Phoenix COVID-19 Update for Parishes


In light of Governor Ducey’s June 29, 2020-Executive Order “Pausing of Arizona’s Reopening,” the following communication was developed to assist you in continuing to provide the essential service of offering Masses. We remain focused on the physical well-being of our parish staff, volunteers, parishioners, and the wider community.


Easing up in the Midst COVID-19

06-21-2020NewsRev. Victor C. Yakubu

Dear Parishioners,

We have come a long way since the start ofCOVID-19. I say this because for close to threemonths our lives have been transformed indifferent ways. New changes have come into ourlives. We were once on total lockdown, but nowthat is easing up. I see some light at the end ofthe tunnel, although we are not out of the woods.A glimmer of hope is what we need to move usforward in positive ways. I am sure you too feelthe same.

As I drive every day to downtown for Mass and tothe office, I see changes along the way. I seepeople also moving in their cars to do business.Some local businesses have partially openedallowing us to feel that sense of normality. Theroads are becoming busy and crowded once more,a sign of a return to normalcy. All these are signsof hope and I’ve to praise your resilience inkeeping up with the difficulties.

In the Church, the diocesan office at Phoenixacknowledged that the process of returning tonormality will be messy and at times confusing.This should not be interpreted to mean that there isno good spirit or clear way on how we should go.As new knowledge comes into view, so will newdecisions. We change our views not out ofdisregard for safety but because we are advisedthat it is possible to move forward to ease thestress of the moment.


Letter to Parishioners on COVID-19

05-21-2020NewsRev. Victor C. Yakubu

Since 2nd March 2020, we have never had a communal worship as a parish. Rather we have been confined to our homes and watching the mass on TV and social media. This situation is abnormal in our lifetimes and no one ever anticipated this phenomenon and the attendant problems arising.

The presence situation undoubtedly has affected the whole world. In some places the cases of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, are severe, while in few locations, the numbers are less. In the United States as of 20th May 2020, we had over 92,000 deaths, 1.56m confirmed cases with 297,000 recoveries. In the whole world, there have been over 324,000 deaths, 4.9m confirmed cases and 1.9 m recoveries. These numbers are worrisome although scientists and researchers are working day and night to flatten the curve of the virus and restore hope.