Sacramental Preparation: Baptism

Baptism is the beginning of the journey of faith for your child. Through Baptism, your child becomes part of our faith community in the Catholic Church. Through your teaching example, your child will grow to become a follower of Christ and an active member of the church. This is why we have a special program to prepare parents and godparents and to help them raise their consciousness about this important responsibility.

Requirements for Parents

  1. At least one parent must be a Catholic-intending that the child become a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church (Baptism-Eucharist-Confirmation).
  2. Parents must complete a pre-Baptism Instruction Class.
  3. Prior to Baptism class, all required paperwork must be submitted to the Parish Office. This includes:
    • Copy of the child's birth certificate
    • Copy of final decree of adoption (if applicable)
    • Copy of letter from outside parish priest if godparents are residing outside of parish indicating that they are qualified to be a godparent in good standing and have taken baptismal class.
  4. Parents may select two godparents (one female & one male). The Church, however requires only one godparent. (Please see the Requirements for Godparents)
  5. If a godparent can not be present at the Baptism, the parents may choose a proxy to stand in for them. The proxy must be a Baptized Christian, but is not required to attend the Baptismal Class.
  6. Parents may not serve as their child's godparent.

Baptism Preparation Classes

If you are pregnant, discerning to baptize your child or anticipating being a godparent within a year please take note of the Baptismal classes for thereminder of the year.

Classes meet from 10:00am-2:00pm.

Class Date Register by
Sat, Feb 19 Feb 12
Sat, Mar 19 Mar 12
Sat, Apr 9 Apr 2
Sat, May 21 May 14

All paperwork must be completed before a class date is set. Call Donna at 760-900-2336 for an appointment.

A baptismal date will not be scheduled until all requirements are met.

Requirements for Godparents

  1. Godparents should be ready to commit the time and personal care to nurture and support the child and the parent(s). This support should be seen as ongoing through this family's journey of faith.
  2. One's godparents can never be changed since they are historical witnesses to the baptism.
  3. A godparent should be sixteen years of age and have been confirmed And has received the blessed Eucharist, and who lives a life of faith which befits the role to be undertaken.
  4. A baptized non-Catholic may be chosen as a Christian witness provided there is at least one Catholic godparent.