Family Catechesis: A Family of Faith

Have you ever wanted to talk to your kids about the Faith but weren’t sure how? Have you ever wanted your kids to participate in Religious Education Classes, but found the weekly time didn’t fit into your family’s schedule? Do you want to provide religious education for your kids but prefer to stay at home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? Would you like to bring Jesus into your family life in a new way? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have you covered!

A Family of Faith (FoF) is a Catechesis program designed for the whole family. Rather than trying to get through a set of classes, make it to weekly meetings, or fulfill a list of requirements, the goal of FoF is to empower parents to make the Faith a family endeavor. By learning about the Faith as a parent, and then passing that knowledge on to your children in an intentional family context, you set an example which will stick with your children in a much deeper way than any class they might attend.

Concretely, FoF is structured around a once a month parent meeting, which can be attended in person or virtually, and the activities you do at home with your family. During the monthly meeting you will receive catechesis on the topic of the month, along with an overview of activities you can use to teach this topic to your children. After this you are in the driver’s seat: you choose which activities you would like to try with your family and do them at home according to your own schedule. Near the end of each month there will also be a virtual community meeting to check in with other parents, share successes and failures, and pray with and for each other.

The FoF books follow a four year cycle; this year’s theme is “Exploring the Profession of Faith”. All Family of Faith meetings will be on Sunday afternoons from 1:30-3:30pm, and the dates are as follows:

Parent Meetings (In-person or Virtual) Virtual Community Meetings (optional)
August 30 September 20*
September 27 October 25
November 1 November 22
December 6 December 20
January 10 January 31
February 7 February 28
March 7 March 28
April 11 April 25
May 2 May 23

The fee is $30 for one Parent book, one child book and various other materials, + $12.50 for each additional child book desired. No Family will be excluded due to lack of funds. Books are available in both English and Spanish.