Safe Environment Training Online Renewal

Safe Environment

MUST be renewed by Fri, Sep 28.

Go to (It is best to use Chrome for your internet browser.) Select "Online Renewal."

Enter your Safe Environment Training Participant ID number, or enter you name and street address. (If you do not enter this information as submitted on your original application or your last renewal, the system will not recognize you. You should not proceed if the system does not recognize you.)

On the bottom left of the screen, click in the box, "I am not a robot."

You will be prompted to select squares (e.g. select all squares with street signs or select all squares with bridges).

Click "verify", Click Submit. On the next page you will see Welcome (your name). Please verify the information is correct. If there are no updates, please scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on "Update Information and Continue". On the next page click on "View All Online Courses".

Please choose the video "Celebrating and Protecting the Gift of Life" or "Keeping the Promise Alive" for your renewal. Follow along with the instructions and video. You must watch the video until the end of the credits and a message on your screen confirming your training completion. An email will be sent to your records and it will automatically be updated in our database. You will receive an email confirmation of your completed renewal.

Contact the parish office, if you have a problem with the renewal process.