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Walking in the Light of the Lord

12-01-2019Weekly ReflectionRev. Victor C. Yakubu

Advent is the season we prepare for the coming of the Lord. It is strange that we highly prepare for the coming of the Lord every year, as if that is the only event in Christianity. Indeed, it is not only the outstanding event but also the definitive in Christianity when Christians remember the birth of Jesus at Bethlehem of Judea. Every year the Church commemorates his first appearance of Jesus with a religious ceremony known to all as Christmas. The taking of flesh of Jesus as a man that lived among us is known as the Incarnation.

Although Jesus came into the world through the virgin birth at Bethlehem of Judea, he is going to return a second time at the end of time to judge both the living and the dead. The time we have in-between the first and the second coming is for Christians to walk in the light of God. The advent season offers us that opportunity of assessing how our journey has been in relation to how we live in the world. In the gospel, Jesus narrates to us the historical timeframe of the world from the time of Noah when people were eating and drinking and getting married. The flood came and washed them away and only Noah and his family were saved. Jesus alludes that the coming of the Son of Man will be like that at the time of Noah; the unfaithful will be left in shame and the virtuous taken to eternal life. Jesus warns his listeners to stay awake and prepare for this day. The coming of the Son of Man will be unexpected without any warning like the intrusion of a thief in the night. Christians need to stay awake and be prepared to join the bandwagon of Jesus to enjoy his gift of eternity at this second coming.

A personal reflection about the events of the world makes the Christian to marvel. This spiritual journey to the center of self is most difficult but nonetheless rewarding at the end. As you indulge in this exercise, try to demarcate two areas: works of darkness, and works of light. St. Paul's writing to the Romans in today's second reading narrates actions that point to works of darkness. We must avoid promiscuity, lust, rivalry, jealousy, and desires of the flesh. St. Paul indulged in all these works before his conversion, and his reference to them was out of personal reflection. Jesus converted him and he began to live in the light of God by doing works of love. St. Paul testifies to a new life which he wanted all Christians to aspire to because Jesus gave him a better option.

Unfortunately, most people who live in the world today find it difficult to reflect about their personal life. They are busy doing their work and living their dreams, but they hardly indulge in a spiritual assessment that takes them into their innermost point of their lives. This season of advent, fortunately, is the period that invites us to indulge in that journey to the interior self in order to make a discovery of how to walk in the light of Jesus. Prophet Isaiah invites such people to come so that we can climb the mountain of the Lord. God is going to judge between nations, and he will judge all peoples.

The message at the beginning of every advent season is for Christians to embark on this journey of self-discovery. It is a beneficial process of separating the deeds that mark our Christian identity and those that negate it. Walking by the light of Jesus is necessary to lead us in the right direction before the coming of the Son of Man. There is time to make changes before it is too late. This event is the most outstanding celebration of Christians and it is definitive to our Christian belief that Jesus became man and lived among us. Keep praying!