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More ways to adore Christ

  1. Read the life of a saint and pray with him or her. Most holy men and women have had a great devotion to Our Lord in the Eucharist. Therese of Lisieux, Catherine of Siena, Francis of Assisi and Teresa of Calcutta are just a few.
  2. Pour out your heart to Christ and adore him. Speak to Jesus and tell him all that comes to your mind. Listen for his response. St. Francis instructed his brothers to pray "I adore you, O Christ, present here in all the churches of the world,for by your holy cross you have redeemed the world".
  3. Pray the rosary. Ask Mary to join you as you gaze on Christ in the Eucharist and as you pray the Rosary.
  4. Sit quietly and just be in the presence of God. Think of a visit to the Blessed Sacrament as coming to see your best friend. Instead of talking to the Lord, try listening to what he wants to tell you.